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Manage Your Rental Properties All in One Convenient Place.1
MaintMe will help you manage residential, commercial, and mall properties with innovative, intuitive software. Make your life simpler through comprehensive property management services.
Why MaintMe?
With MaintMe you get a robust set of property management tools that you can access from any device at any time. You'll see an immediate ROI as you save time and money.
Less Time
Stay in contact with your tennants and team.
Email Notifications
Stay in touch digitally. No more pen and paper.
Fewer Headaches
Solve problems faster. Avoid scheduling conflicts.
MaintMe is available to you 24/7.
Our cloud-based solutions work wherever you are.
Keep Track of Your Team, Tenants, and Requests
Contract Alerts
The system will automatically send alerts when unit contracts about to expire.
Contract Info
Manage contract life cycle, from initiation, renewal and expiry. The system will automatically generate contracts based on pre-loaded templates as well as printing contracts.
Unit Information
Manage Multiple Facilities, manage different type of units such as Villa, Complex, Apartments, Shared facilities (Parking, Swimming Pool,…).
Staff Scheduling
Manage Maintenance Requests Lifecycle, Conflict Free Multiple Types Different Calendars for each Type Notifications & Alerts Hassle Free Rescheduling
All the Tools You Need
All in One Place.
Unit Management
Manage your single-family houses and multi-family apartments.
Tenant Management
Quickly look up tenant info, rent payments, and more.
Mobile Notifications
Send your tenants notices about maintenance, outages & important info.
Inventory Management
Track inventory and costs for maintenance supplies.
Maintenance Scheduling
Create, reschedule, and mark maintenance work as complete.
Streamlined Functionality
Track requests from tenants, available workers, and scheduled appointments.
Reporting at a Glance
Track staff utilization, building occupancy, request costs, and year-to-date revenue.
Calendar Management
Keep an eye on your schedule, and make changes with simple drag-and-drop functionality.
The Right Choice for You
A low-cost solution that works from any computer or smartphone.

It's only $1 per unit per month.

Yes, $50 per month.

Yes, Maintme is a cloud based solution that can be accessed anywhere anytime.

You can easily add more units as you go.

You can start free trial by clicking the free trial button on the home page. For registration please use the contact us menu to proceed with registration

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